Errecom TR1062.C.M2 Extreme Leak Stop

SKU: ER-TR1062.C.M2
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Extreme Auto leak stop for vehicle A/C systems.


EXTREME is an essential product to solve all problems related to small refrigerant gas leaks occurring in A/C and refrigeration systems.

Extreme is specifically designed for the safe repair of small refrigerant gas leaks that frequently occur in all types of AC&R systems including automotive AC. The critical ingredients of Extreme are triggered into
the action only when there is a leak, mechanically building a flexible permanent seal.

Unlike other leak stop additives Extreme is Polymer-Free, meaning it doesn’t cure when in contact with moisture, which means it won’t clog driers or expansion valves, it simply cures the leak.


EXTREME locates the refrigerant gas leak and permanently seal it, with no reaction with humidity and oxygen. EXTREME seals leaks with a maximum dimension of 0.3 mm.


  • Suitable for both HVAC/R and Automotive Systems
  • Permanently seals refrigerant leaks
  • Compatible with all refrigerant gases, including CFC, HFC and HCFC
  • Visible to any UV lamp
  • Significantly reduces compressor noise
  • Polymer-free
  • Ideal preventative
  • Does not clog the system compressor
  • Does not clog refrigeration system components.


1 x Cartridges 30 ml (1.0 FL.OZ.) with 1/4″ R134a  & 5/16″ SAE R410A- Adapters.


  • Brand: Errecom
  • Part Number: ER-TR1062.C.M2
  • Volume: 1 x 30 ml (1.0 FL.OZ.) cartridges.