Imperial 514CC 2-Valve / 4-Port Manifold For R410A

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Designed For The Professional Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician.


Designed For The Professional Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician

The Imperial 514CC R410A service manifold is part of Imperials 510 manifold series and is designed for the professional air conditioning and refrigeration technician, demanding quality and reliability.

Suitable for use with R410A refrigerant, the Imperial 514 service manifold consists of a colour-coded heavy-duty, aircraft-grade anodised aluminium body, with low and high side gauges, clearly marked in different pressure units, including kPa, PSI and °C for ease of referencing when calculating superheat and subcooling. Each gauge is protected by a colour-coded rubber boot (blue for low side and red for high side) and is non-flutter, to make reading accurately easy for the user, as well as a longer life thanks to the reduced vibration.

The 514 manifold has a needle valve design for full-flow porting to ensure faster charging and evacuation. Ergonomic soft touch and colour-coded valves make it simple for the user to operate, even with oily fingers requiring only fingertip pressure to correctly seat, and the dual O-ring design gives the seals trouble-free performance and longer life. The built-in swivel hanger allows the manifold to be hung for hands-free use. In addition to the three hose ports, the 514 includes a fourth port, giving an additional hook up for using a micron (vacuum) gauge, vacuum pump, adding dye or oil and purging non-condensables.


  • One-piece color-coded, heavy-duty, aircraft-grade, anodised aluminium body
  • Designed for use with R410A refrigerant
  • Pressure scales marked clearly in kPa, PSI and °C
  • Flutter free high visibility gauges for long trouble-free service life
  • Colour coded protective rubber boots (red and blue)
  • Dual O-Ring valves with full flow design for faster evacuation and charging
  • Soft seat valves seat tightly with only fingertip pressure
  • Ergonomic colour-coded handles give non-slip surface even with oily hands
  • Swivel hanger for hands-free use
  • Fourth auxiliary port for hooking up of additional equipment including micron gauge, adding oil, recovery unit
  • Engineered and manufactured in the USA for quality and reliability
  • Supplied complete with PolarShield high-performance R410A hoses.


1 X Imperial 514CC Manifold, 3 x 90 cm RYB hoses, Hose Hanger, and Limited Lifetime Warranty.


  • Hoses: Imperial PolarShield 90cm RYB with
  • Refrigerants: R410
  • Materials: Aircraft-grade anodised aluminium body
  • Sightglass: No
  • Manifold Fittings: 5/16″ SAE
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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