Errecom’s Refrigeration Lubricants Chemical Excellence

Errecom are manufacturers committed to excellence. With experience and quality being the principles that guided Errecom in chemical solutions for air conditioning and refrigeration systems since 2001. 

In order to have products at the very highest quality Errecom controls every single process and component.

Errecom is a European company that endorses tightened laws and protocols which aim to help preserve the planet. They work with a green vision and are aware that there are places and values that should be preserved over time.

Research: at the heart of Errecom’s production

Since the very beginning Errecom has invested in research and development since the very beginning. The real showpieces of Errecoms laboratories is their advanced machinery and highly qualified staff.

To solve problems in many air conditioning and refrigeration systems Errecom chemists have a deep and specialised knowledge which has led to developing products.

From additives to lubricants: a very short step.

Errecoms products offer products that respond to a very specific market demand. Their laboratories quickly create formulas of special lubricants for air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

POE: Errecom’s best sellers in HVACR lubrication

Errecom consider the system and its specifications first. They also consider gas or the refrigerant mixture in use. Errecom is focused on new conception mixtures, synthetic oils that have low environmental impact, low power consumption for production and high performances for the system in order to reduce costs.

POE (polyolester) lubricants are synthetic lubricants with high chemical and thermal stability. The best choice for applications with HFC/FC such as R134a, R404A, R407C are due to their good miscibility with refrigerants . POE oils are also compatible with hydrocarbons such as R290 propane and R1270 propylene. Errecom’s POE is the best solution for applications with new generation HFO (hydrogenation of fluorinated olefins) such as R1234yf and R1234ze, which are both low-GWP latest formulation gases and ever evolving

With a high viscosity index Errecom products ensures excellent low-temperature flowability and stable film at high temperatures. Enabling maximum efficiency in all operating conditions.

The pursued aims in the development of new Errecom lubricants are;

  • excellent lubricant ability;
  • hydrolytic stability;
  • high compatibility with the materials of all kind of systems, both old and new (with a constant attention to their evolution over the time);
  • excellent properties at low temperature;
  • electrical isolation;
  • low toxicity and high biodegradability level, always following our green philosophy precepts;
  • reduced hygroscopicity and anti-humidity additive;
  • high thermal stability to oxidation;
  • high solubility performances with refrigerants;
  • optimal miscibility with refrigerants.

Errecom’s experience in the development of versatile additive packages, and the use of the most environmentally friendly raw materials, has led to one of the best lubricants for refrigeration now on the market.

Errecom’s POE synthetic lubricants, in all their viscosity indices, are composed of a mixture of esters of polyols and additives specifically formulated for a better lubricity, chemical and thermal stability, and excellent anti-wear protection of air conditioning and refrigeration system components. Errecom’s POE is one of the more stable and less reactive products within a system using POE thanks to complete removal of polymerisation catalysts.

PAG for CO2

Errecom’s PAG (polyalkylene glycol) for CO2 guarantee high-performances in air conditioning and refrigeration systems with CO2.

CO2 is a refrigerant with a complex and delicate balance, which requires outstanding performance from the lubricant. Errecom’s PAG lubricants offer a better miscibility with CO2 in a wide range of concentrations and temperatures. This means excellent lubricating properties and higher efficiency for the refrigeration system.

These oils have a reduced hygroscopicity when compared to normal PAG, which is unprotected to hydroxyl and used with other refrigerants. These oils also have high chemical stability, as well as thermal and hydrolysis resistance.

Errecom’s PAG for CO2 advantages are;

  • miscibility with CO2 in a wide range of lubricant concentrations and temperatures;
  • less hygroscopic than a PAG without protection in the process of absorbing water;
  • high chemical stability when exposed to heat and hydrolysis;
  • excellent lubricating capacity.

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