Errecom AB1099.01 Emerald Tabs

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AB1099.01 Emerald tabs biodegradable eco draining tabs.

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Biodegradable Eco Draining Tabs

Emerald Tabs is an ultimate solution by Errecom, which has been specifically developed in order to avoid the formation of contaminants due to water stagnancy inside the A/C system.

Thanks to their high biodegradability level (more than 99%), Emerald Tabs prevent and eliminate the putrefaction process and the formation of algae, mucilage, slime and moulds that risk clog and block the condensate drain pipes of A/C systems without affecting and impacting the environment.

Thanks to their dimensions Emerald Tabs are suitable for every kind of system. Monthly usage of Emerald Tabs is highly recommended.


Simply place the TAB inside the condensate drain duct of the fan-coil or inside the condensate collection tray of the split in the farthest point from the drainage discharge. The efficacy of the treatment depends on the use of the A/C system, but it is normally of 1 or 2 tablets every 15/20 days for units up to 12.000 Btu/H (3 KW – 1 ton).


  • Their very high level of biodegradability (more than 99%) avoid pollution and impact towards the environment
  • Prevents the putrefaction process of the condensate
  • Prevents the formation of algae, mucilage and moulds
  • Prevents the clogging of condensate drain pipes.


18 x 20-gram Errecom emerald tablets, 1 x Errecom emerald tablets container.


  • Brand: Errecom
  • Part Number: ER-AB1099.01
  • Quantity: 18 Tablets.