Errecom TR1009.U.MO Belnet Flushing Agent with Rubber Cone

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BELNET AEROSOL is a fluid specially designed to remove any deposit of fat or production dirt, without leaving any type of residue.

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BELNET AEROSOL is the most direct, safe and simple solution to flush small refrigeration lines and air conditioning and refrigeration system components.

BELNET removes all the residues of dust, grease and lubricants. Thanks to its high capability of evaporation it does not leave any remaining inside the refrigerant lines. Furthermore, it is particularly suitable for retrofit operations, for the pre-cleaning of the predispositions, and for the washing of the pipes.

Before flushing, DISCONNECT the COMPRESSOR, THE EXPANSION VALVE and the DEHYDRATION FILTER: these components cannot be cleaned.


The Aerosol can is highly pressurised with CO2 to powerfully propel the Belnet flushing fluid at speed. Application is with either the special flushing gun/hose or directly with the special rubber cone.


  • Ready to use
  • High flushing pressure 8-9 bar (116-130 psi)
  • High pressure until empty – 3 bar (43.5 psi) at the last drop
  • No need for additional equipment
  • Treatment to be followed with Nitrogen gas flush.


1 x Belnet Flush Agent.


  • Brand: Errecom
  • Part Number: ER-TR1009.U.MO.



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