Errecom TR1166.A.01 External Bicomponent Paste

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External Bicomponent Paste Leak Stop for Air conditioning and Refrigeration Systems.


Bicomponent Paste Leak Stop

External is a bicomponent paste leak stop that has to be applied externally on the components of AC/R Systems. It seals all the leakages up to 5 mm on metal and rubber components.


Activate the bicomponent paste with your fingers for a few seconds to obtain a uniform colour and a mild heat sensation. Then apply the paste on the leak creating a ring all around the pipe diameter. Wait for perfect drying and you will get a permanent reparation.

External is ideal for emergency intervention and to let the AC/R system quickly run again.


  • It can be used on metal components of the AC/R system such as copper, aluminium and steel
  • It can be used on thermoplastic pipes
  • It resists mineral lubricants, POE, PAG, PAO and AlkylBenzene
  • It resists refrigerant gases CFC, HFC, HCFC, CO2 including R32 and R1234yf. It resists to flushing fluids, including Chlorinate. It withstands a temperature range from -100°C to + 270°C.
  • The pressure resistance depends on the size of the leak:
    5 mm = 40 Bar.
    2 mm = 50 Bar.
    1 mm = 57 Bar.


1 x External, 1 x cardboard box.


  • Brand: Errecom
  • Part Number: ER-TR1166.A.01.