Cool Tools Australia embarks on a new journey as Huddleston Australia

With some changes ahead we want you to know our focus will still be on providing our customers with great products and support across Australia.


At Cool Tools Australia, the last few years have seen a lot of changes in our industry and in our business. We are excited to announce some changes to our company going forward.

Cool Tools goal has always been to provide a positive and market leading proposition for our customers as we rely on each other’s success. With all these changes over the last few years, we have decided to bring on a new business partner, Andrew Bradley to move the business forward.

Andrew will become our Managing Director. With an extensive background in business development and business sales in the HVAC/R and industrial tools markets, he is excited to take the helm and lead the business going forward.

There will be some changes as Andrew steps in. Most noticeable to begin with, will be a new company name – Huddleston Australia PTY Limited. However, for you, our focus will be on providing more products and additional support to our customers across Australia.  Andrew says it is an exciting time to be involved in the HVAC/R industry and we look to aligning our business more closely with our customers over the next 12 months.

Huddleston Australia will continue to be the leading agent for Imperial Tools, Errecom, C&D Valve and Spin Tools.

Nigel and Carol want to personally thank you for your continued support over the years. They will remain in the business and look forward to being of service to you.

If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to contact us directly as we look forward to continuing to build on the success of Cool Tools under the new Huddleston Australia name.

We want to thank our loyal customers for their support to date and going forward.

For more information you can visit

Kind regards,

The new Huddleston Australia PTY Limited Management Team.

Andrew Bradley – Managing Director

Nigel Muggridge – Technical Director

Carol Muggridge – Administrative Director

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